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stove fuel pellet , stove fuel making machine, energy save making machine

Dec 30, 2016

Vertical ring-die pellet mills

stove fuel pellet , stove fuel making  machine, energy save making machine


1.Vertical feeding directly in place.

2.Die static,roller rotating,material centrifugal,evenly distributed around.

3.Double-layer dies,up and dowm dual-use,reduce the cost,enhence the effiency.

4.One die,different hole diameters,with different specification to pelletize.

5.Ring die ,vertical structure.doog for cooling the pelletzing room.

6.Indepedent and frequency conversion discharge device,to ensure that the rate of pellet formation.

7.Macroporous die,wire joining circulai tube ,increasing travel ,improving density.


echnical data of  stove fuel pellet , stove fuel making  machine, energy save making machine



item number(model)            output(kg/h)      power(kw)       specifications (mm)               weight(kg)        size (mm) 
MKL 450-75  800-120075Φ 4-12 mm60402630*100*2400
MKL450-901000-150090Φ 4-12 mm61002600*1300*2300
MKL580-1601500-2500160Φ 4-12 mm70002900*1300*2400
MKL850-2202500-3500220Φ 4-12 mm145003300*1400*3100
MKL880-3153000-5000315Φ 4-12 mm180003800*